• Games without strikes or outs, where each players gets the opportunity to hit and score a run. Each player gets paired up with a one-on-one helper we call a ‘buddy’ to assist and encourage the player for the game.
  • Games generally last 1 hour or 2 innings. Each team bats through the entire batting order before switching the field.
  • Metal/wood bats are NOT permitted in this division, for safety reasons. Plastic bats only.
  • These games are broken down by age group.
  • No previous baseball experience required.


  • Two Age Divisions:  5-13 (plastic bat) and 14+up (metal bat)
  • The Competitive Division is played with outs and (modified) strikes
  • Batters get 5 strikes. After the fourth strike, they have the option of receiving a soft toss or using the tee instead of another pitch. If the last pitch or soft toss is missed, however, the batter will be out.
  • 3 outs or 5 runs in any given inning equals the change in field
  • Although we will have volunteer support for players, this will be geared more towards safety and situational coaching, rather than one on one/hand over hand assistance. We ask that players wishing to play in this league be able to bat and field independently and follow directions to stay on task
  • Helmets are required to be worn by batter and this is the only league where metal/wood bats are permitted
  • Play is with a safety softball

*NOTE* – The MLAZ staff will determine the suitability/skill level for child to play at this level. They will discuss with parent if this league is appropriate for child; however, final determination rests solely with the MLAZ staff.

For a copy of the official competitive league guidelines, click Competitive League Rules and Guidelines

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