A Small Piece On The Miracle League Of Arizona Aired on CBS 5 News

CBS 5 News anchor Sean McLaughlin  threw out the fall season opener first pitch at the Miracle League of Arizona on Saturday September 30th 2017. Watch!

7th Inning Stretch with the Cubs

Miracle League of Arizona player Campbell Faulkner singing the 7th inning stretch with the Cubs.

2nd Annual Wiffleball World Series Champions

Our 2nd Annual Wiffleball World Series Champions are the Southwest Jet Techs who edged out the Scottsdale Fire Heatseekers 6-5 in a exciting…

Miracle League Of Arizona Is Scottsdale’s Own Field Of Dreams

By  Phil Latzman

Many developmentally disabled and handicapped children find themselves on the outside looking in when it comes to playing sports.

That’s not the case at one special Valley sports facility that’s creating miracles for kids who have no other way to play the national pastime.

The Miracle League of Arizona is a specialized stadium that houses Scottsdale’s own field of dreams. On a chilly Friday night in January, there’s a glorious desert sunset and the McDowell Mountains in the background. Children are scurrying around excitedly, doing something they normally can’t do.

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GivingHopeAZ Magazine | The Official Publication of the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits | Issue 1

GivingHopeAZ is Arizona’s newest digital magazine dedicated to the nonprofit community.

The Valley Views Miracle League of Arizona

The Miracle League of Arizona was honored to have been invited to talk about our Whiffle Ball World Series on iHeartRadio! Tune in to hear MLAZ Executive Director, Cassandra, talk about the event!

Miracle League: Scottsdale sports haven for people with disabilities

At 11:30 a.m. the game begins. The players flock to the field made of smooth green rubber that eases its accessibility to players with wheelchairs and walkers. Thick white lines are painted in between the bases to guide players who have visual impairments.